Thursday, December 22, 2016

What Are Your Favorite Christmas Memories?

Thank you to Library Thing and Velvet Morning Press for giving me a copy of Christmas Actually in exchange for an honest review.

Who doesn’t love the Christmas season? What are your favorite memories of those times growing up? Are they funny memories or sad? This novel will definitely lift your spirits.


This novel is an anthology. There are stories that include a Christmas dinner gone awry. An artist who sets out to learn a new skill of speaking French . A woman who decides her smile deserves an upgrade. Another women who decides to give love a second chance. Then there are other stories included.

My Thoughts:

I have mixed feelings about this novel. I felt that many of the stories are written well. A couple could not keep my interest beyond the first page. The settings included varied depending on the author. I thought the one in England was the most interesting of the set of stories. It is interesting to read a story about how another country celebrates Christmas. Another story that spoke to me was the artist who learned to speak French.  Then he had  the courage to learn the skill, of another language.

I might find interest in reading more by some of these authors in the future.



Please visit these authors:

Katie Rose Guest  Pryal  on her Facebook page, Twitter, and Website.
Aimee Horton on her Facebook page, Twitter, and Website.
Cheryl McAlister on her Facebook page, Twitter, and Website.
Didier Quemener on his Facebook page, Twitter, and Website.
Vicki Lesage on her Facebook page, Twitter, and Website

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