Monday, October 24, 2016

Can the Past Haunt Your Future?

The next novel in our Pink Escape series is When Light Breaks by Patti Callahan Henry.   This story asks the question can the past change the future?   Is it worth investigating?  Follow along this story set in South Carolina.
Kara Larson is a manager for the country club.  She works with Pros on the golf tour.  She met her fiancé Peyton through her work with the PGA.  She feels that she has everything she ever wanted.  Then the benefit fundraiser comes along that will follow the tour stop of PGA.  Shelly needs a band for this event.  Then there is Mave's story of her first love.  Kara keeps up her visits to this lady to fulfill her Junior League committment.  One night her fiancé suggests this band that is very popular.  The main members of the band are Jack and his brother.  Shelly and Jack grew up together in her old neighborhood.  Will this band solve all her problems?  Will this change her future?
My Thoughts: 
I enjoyed this novel.  Patti Callahan Henry has another gem of a novel in When Light Breaks.  The characters are likeable. The occupation of the main character working with the PGA is interesting. This occupation is not one that I familiar with.  It really added to the story.   Then there was Mave's  story of  her first love.  The reader will find her story interesting and how it relates to the plot.  The plot was not predictable.  I wondered who she would choose Jack or Peyton?  Or who would break off the engagement?  A good story keeps you guessing to the end! 
Another wonderful tale set in the lowcountry!
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