Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A House Full of Surprises!

Baggage Check is the third book in the Marriage Pact series.  This novel focuses on Rebecca.  She is a flight attendant for an airline based out of Atlanta.  I had an opportunity to meet M.J. Pullen recently, and I can’t wait to read her other novels.


Rebecca receives a phone call from her frantic mother while on vacation with her friends.  Her mother does not want to leave her house.  Rebecca is not excited about sticking around when all her friends are married.  She makes the trip back to Alabama to find out what is going on with her mother.  Rebecca visits her old home where she grew up but it is full of surprises.  I mean full of surprises.  So much so that she creates a scene and deputy Alex stops by to check on her.  Rebecca becomes responsible for taking care of her mother and fixing the house.  Will she let Alex help?  Or will she allow her friends from Atlanta help?    

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the story.  I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing what surprise Rebecca’s old home would bring to the story.   She also became a character that I wanted to root for and see find a happy ending.  Alex is the perfect mate for Rebecca.  He has his issues as well but brings the story to a satisfying conclusion.   

I cannot wait to see what M. J. Pullen chooses to share next!                            


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