Thursday, September 29, 2016

Paula Hawkins Knows How to Keep You Interested.

Paula Hawkins published her debut novel THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN last year.  It was considered one of the best books of 2015.  It received high praise from such publications as Publisher’s Weekly and others.  You all know me well by know so following the grapevine of news about new books is what I am all about.  I heard many good things about this book.  The movie will be released in the United States as a movie October 7th of this year.


Rachel rides the train to and from London each day.  She takes interest in the people she sees on her route.  Rachel is recently divorced from her ex-husband Tom.  He has a new family with new wife Anna and daughter Evie.  Rachel continues to drop by her old house and neighborhood.  One time she took Evie outside and scared Anna. She would like Rachel to leave them alone.  One night Rachel decides that she wants to visit Jess and Jason to of the people she sees from the train each day.  Their actual names are Scott and Megan Hipwell.  The next morning she wakes up and can’t remember what has happened.  The news reports the disappearance of Megan.  Rachel starts an investigation. The investigation progresses a connection appears   between her old neighborhood and Megan's disappearance.  What could it be?  Are Tom and Anna as innocent as they appear or involved in some way?

My Thoughts:

I sometimes enjoy a good thriller.  I am afraid this is not one of them.  The author created complex characters which is great.  I just did not love Rachel.   One of her vices is alcoholism was not my favorite.  The story has an interesting plot. The characters have many layers with their quirks and secrets.  The plot is divided into dates and times as in morning or evening.   I thought that this was an interesting way to tell a story.  It is set in London England.

 We will be discussing this book at Clarkston Library on October 22nd at 2pm.  We would love to see you!



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