Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jane is Back!

Jane Green is one of my favorite authors.  I have sat at her feet and learned a great deal about writing.  Her latest novel Falling has some truth from her real life.  She shared the story with us as I attended her tour stop at Fox Tale Book Shoppe. 
Emma is ready to start over.  She has given up her career as a banker to move to Westport Connecticut.  Her good friend Sophie lives there with her family.  So she starts to look for housing and finds a nice cottage on the beach.  Her landlord is her next door neighbor  Dominic. He is also handy to a certain extent.  Emma finds her next calling as an interior designer.  So as Dominic and Emma’s relationship grows will there be a future?
My Thoughts: 
I very much enjoyed this story.  I will agree with what others have said that this is “classic Jane Green” at her best.  All fiction has some basis in reality.  I feel that her agent was right that now is the perfect time to tell this story.  What was most meaningful for me is identifying with the character of Emma.  I am single and in my late 30s.  I did not try some of her experiences such as Tinder box.   I have experienced others.  So I could completely understand her feelings when she met Dominic. 
The story also featured some home décor.  I find this interesting to read about because you want to find out to know the end results.  

The story is set in Westport Connecticut.  The author has characters that you can identify with and want to see succeed in the end.  I was a little disappointed with the ending.   I am ready for Jane’s cookbook that will be coming out very soon.
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