Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What Would You Do to Survive?

Today I am sharing the novel The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.  I have been a fan of Kristin’s ever since I picked up her novel firefly lane.  Most of her novels that I have read are contemporary.  This is my first historical novel by her that I have read.


Sit back and take a deep breath and jump into this story of two sisters in France during World War Two. Isabelle and Vianne lost their mother at a young age.  Their father is unable to care for them so he sends them to a convent.  Vianne meets a boy and marries and has her own family.  Isabelle her younger sister escapes from school after school.  She runs to her father wanting his love.  World War Two arrives, and France is invaded by Nazis.  Vianne has a Nazi soldier staying with her at her house.  Isabelle flees Paris during the invasion.  She winds up at Vianne’s but feels she cannot stay with a Nazi under her sister’s roof. What happens when Isabelle becomes part of the French Resistance?  Will Vianne fight for France?

My Thoughts:

 I really liked this story.  I thought that the beginning was a little slow.  It has everything a World War Two story should have.  The mystery, the intrigue, and of course the story. She creates quality characters that readers will want to get to know better.   The character that most captured my heart was Isabelle and her quest of love from her family.   What better setting than Paris France and the surrounding country side?

 I hope that a movie is made of this novel!



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