Thursday, July 7, 2016

What Does the Lady Want?

Renee Rosen in her novel What The Lady Wants introduces us to Marshall Fields and Delia. How many of you remember Marshall Fields and his store in Chicago?  Harry Selfridges’ store in London?  The readers will learn much about Marshall Fields and his philosophies.


Delia Spencer attends a party the evening of 1871 when the Chicago Fire begins.  She also meets Marshall Fields.  Her family takes refuge north of the city.  What is left? She later marries Percy an old friend.  The marriage does not give her what she most desires a child.  Delia starts to run into Marshall Field again at various gatherings in social set.  She also finds her feelings for Marshall Fields growing.  When Fields decides to deepen his relationship with Delia will the respective spouses agree?   Will Fields be able to give Delia what she most desires?  Does his business operation continue to grow?  What will the future bring?

My Thoughts:

I loved this novel!  The story telling is so fluid in bringing the reader to one event after another.  Ms. Rosen is a great storyteller!  This novel was well researched and executed.  She explains the purpose for why the characters are and the setting of the novel.  Please check out this section of the novel in the back for more information. I also enjoyed learning about the Chicago fire.    She also explores the culture of the gilded age.  My heart went out to Delia and her situation.  I found her husband to be selfish and spoiled and wish that Delia could have been more vocal to way he treated her.



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