Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Did You Know About Mitza Einstein?

Thank you to Library Reads and Source Books for a copy of The Other Einstein in exchange for an honest review.
Mileva (Mitza) Maric Einstein was the first wife of Albert Einstein.   Did you know about her contributions towards his early work?  What was their relationship like?  Is there room for two geniuses in one marriage?


Mitza Maric is not your typical student at university in Zurich Switzerland.  She is from the Serbia area of the Austrian Hungry Empire.  She has one major flaw and that is her limp.  In her culture it means that she cannot marry. Will her experiences at the university change give her different opportunities?   Life seems different once school starts.  Makes friends with her roommates at the pension.  She also meets Albert Einstein a classmate from many of her classes.   He knows that Mitza has something special. Their relationship becomes special and they begin working together in and outside of school.  But will their relationship flourish once school ends?

My Thoughts:

This novel is easy to read.  The pages are easy to turn as you discover more about Mitza Einstein. The story slowed for me once she graduated from the university.  Then she began married life with Albert. The character development is great because I found myself caring for Mitza Einstein.  I could not believe the way Albert treated her. The research contributed to the character development of the main characters in this novel.
This book is short and told in much the same as the Paris Wife.  The readers see it all from Mitza’s point of view.  My heart ended up breaking for her and the way that her life played out.  I hope that she was able to find some happiness in the end.



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