Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Are You Ready for a Fun Beach Getaway?

The most recent novel by Anne River Siddons is The Girls of August.  Girlfriends get together that happens once a year for a great time had by all.  What could  go wrong?  Let’s visit Tiger Island and find out.
Maddy is making preparations to meet her friends.  They have known one another for years. There is just one change to this year’s get together.  A new woman comes to the group, a new wife. These  women know each other’s from in the past.  Their husbands did their residencies together in the same hospital.   The couples had remained friends over the years.  So each August the ladies would get away to various locations for one week.   The change this year is one of the doctors has married again after his wife died in a car accident.  The new wife Baby is the baby of the group.  She is younger by twenty years than the other women.  How could she possibly get along with the others?  So they make their journey to Tiger Island where Baby owns a beach house.  What other troubles could possibly follow these other ladies to the island?
My Thoughts: 
I liked this novel.  I am not a huge fan of Anne River Siddons.  This novel appealed to me because of course the beach setting.  It is entertaining!   The characters are well developed with real conflict.   The one part of the story that was a disappointment to me was the climax.  A huge storm comes to the island and then the story ends.  It leaves the reader wondering if they are rescued and what happens next?  What how was their conflict resolved?    I would have like a little more to the story. 

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