Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Are You Unique?

Joshilyn Jackson has come out with a new book this year.  I feel that it is a great addition the summer reading season. The book is The Opposite of Everyone.  It is an interesting tale if I do say so myself, of a mother daughter journey!


Paula Vauss also known as Kali Jai is not your average child, and neither is her mother Kai. Mother and daughter spent most of their lives traveling together.  Kai would make up identities and back stories for both her and Paula with each location. Can all this change become too much for a child?  When we meet Paula Vauss in the future she is a powerful divorce attorney in Atlanta Georgia.  She regularly sends her mother Kai checks.  Each time she wonders will it make up for what happened years ago?  A phone call that changed their lives and separated mother and daughter.  This time the check is returned with a message on the back. Paula thinks nothing of it at the time and then someone new comes into her life. Julian has a powerful connection to her past and to her mother.   He brings Paula to the task of finding out what really happened to her mother and her little sister?

My Thoughts:

This book was an enjoyable read! I looked forward to learning about Paula in both the present and the past.  The chapters in this book are structured with first Paula's back story.  Then the reader is brought to the present. 

  One question that rose for me as reading this is how do our choices shape us?  Could you really become the opposite of everyone?

The story is set in Atlanta Georgia and various parts of the south.  We meet memorable characters such as Birdwine, Julian, and Oakleigh. Ms. Jackson’s writing is so realistic and detailed.  This can be a good thing but I am sometimes turned off.  



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