Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spotlight: Everything and a Happy Ending Author - Tia Shurina

Thank you to Tia Shurnia stopping by Writer's Corner today.  She is sharing her new memior Everything and a Happy Ending.

EAAHE is a memoir that recounts 3 interconnected relationships & love stories.  It shares Tia’s full circle journey to learn how to really trust, how to “thine own self be true” and then the real & true love it circled her ‘round back to.  It’s a story about how the power of love & a journey to intimacy helped flip learned pessimism, reacting in reflex and running from fear into choosing optimism, trusting intuition and rising above the fear.

 About the Author:  
Tia Shurina lives in Queens, NYC but still spends time on the Jersey Shore, where she feels safest in the bungalows she spent her childhood summers.  She is, most days, really filled with joy.  She is, every day, truly filled with peace.   She looks forward to a happy ending each new day as she continues to create a new “happily ever after”, staying committed to rising above her fears, moving out of her comfort zones and going with the flow of her life.

Please visit Tia on her website and twitter page.

To purchase on Amazon  or Mascot Books.

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