Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Would You Like to See the Infinite Sea?

Beatriz Williams continues the story of the Schuyler sisters in her latest novel Along the Infinite Sea.  We will also see another character from a previous novel A Hundred Summers Nick Greenwald will come back for a visit as well.  I always think of Beatriz’s novels as being engrossing. 


Pepper Schuyler with has restored a mercedes and she means to sell it. You see Pepper is in a delicate situation.  She got in trouble in with her job in Washington.  She needs a little cash to help her out of the sticky situation.  What about the history of the car?  The buyer Annabelle Dommerich pays handsomely to get the car back in her possession.    She also takes an interest in   Pepper.  How will Annabelle’s story help Pepper in her current situation?   What will be Pepper’s  solution?

My Thoughts: 

I enjoyed reading Beatriz’s latest novel.  I am looking forward to her next novel as well The Forgotten room with Karen White and Lauren Willig.  I always love when the author continues stories from  one of her previous novels.  In this novel we catch up with Nick Greenwald from A Hundred Summers.  We also meet Annabelle Dommerich who is an interesting character.  She is full of life and keeps the reader interested in what happens next in her journey.   I have not read the previous two novels by Beatriz introducing the other Schuyler sisters or seeing the small role that Pepper has in Tiny.  I wish that I had gotten to know more about them.  The storyline for Annabelle is much richer in detail.   I also found the novel to be a little long at times.

The setting was the most interesting part for me.  The story takes place in France, Germany, and the United States.  The setting in the United States is Cocoa Beach Florida.  I recently visited there.  Here are some pictures of that area and what it looks like now.  I encourage you to visit the  beaches of Cocoa Beach.  You can take a boat tour that might give you an idea of where Annabelle’s home might have been. 
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