Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Does Friendship Grow Through the Generations?

Sarah Addison asks this question in her most recent novel The Peach Keeper.   This novel is published by Bantam Books.  The story has themes of friendship, becoming independent in life, and mystery.   I highly recommend taking a look at this fabulous novel.


Willa Jackson likes it when things stay as she wants them to be.  She is content to run her business and visit her grandmother on the weekends.  Paxton Osgood visits her grandmother as well on the weekend. She is friends with Sebastian the dentist but would like it to be more.  Paxton is president of the Ladies Social club.  They are planning a gala that includes Willa’s old family home.  As the details come together Paxton’s brother Collin comes back to town to help out.   He is the landscape artist to put the finishing touches on the old home.  So what happens when a body is found under the old peach tree?  What about the confession by Paxton and Collin’s grandmother?  How will Willa and Paxton get to the bottom of this mystery?

My Thoughts:

 Walls of Water is the perfect setting for  The Peach Keeper.  I know that I would love to visit!  The characters could definitely hold their own.   Willa is very set in her ways.  Paxton’s struggle for independence, in her own life.  Sebastian struggle with acceptance of self and where his future might be in Walls of Water.  Collin’s struggle to put down roots.    It took some time for me to grow to love them as they developed.   I eventually wanted to fight for both Paxton and Willa.  The author offered a satisfying conclusion.  

The novel keeps its southern flavor and charm.   It was a delight to read!  I look forward to more from Sarah Addison Allen. 



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