Thursday, December 24, 2015

You Are Invited!

You are invited to a Christmas Wedding by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo.  I couldn’t think of a better day to share it than on Christmas Day.  This story is different than what James Patterson usually writes.  Could it draw a reader in?


Gabby Summerhill is getting married this Christmas.  She also would like her family to be in Stockbridge Massachusetts together.  They haven’t been together since her husband and the father of her children passed away.  So what would happen if Gabby got married but neglected to mention who she was marrying?  There are three bachelors that are up to the task, but can her family guess which one will receive the prize of marriage?  Her oldest child Claire who has a family in Myrtle Beach is struggling in her current circumstances.  Could a trip to Stockbridge Massachusetts be the key to her family’s survival?   Can Lizzie’s husband Mike who is fighting brain cancer survive until Christmas?  Will Nick get his novel published and find true happiness with his girlfriend?  Will Emily find satisfaction in her job or choose something else?

My Thoughts: 

I did not know if this novel would prove to be enjoyable.  It really was a great read!  For me the storyline of Claire’s broke my heart.  I thoroughly enjoyed the character of Gabby Summerhill.  I found the video segments hilarious!  The novel is paced well!  The stories of the various family members lead up to the Wedding.  The authors did a good job of keeping us in suspense of trying to figure out who Gabby would marry?  I found the ending very satisfying and I know that you will too!



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