Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sonya Yoerg Share’s Her Theory on Escape in Setting

 Sonya is visiting to Writer’s Corner today How does setting create escape? How do you entice readers with a setting that sucks them into the story in her new novel  The Middle of Somewhere?

Setting is crucial to my stories because until my characters have a real space in which to interact, they aren't alive to me. That said, I never set out to entice readers; I simply tell the story as best I can, and creating a realistic and intriguing setting is part of that. As much as I love my readers, I never think of them while I am writing. That road leads to madness! Instead, I concentrate on telling the truth about the situations and people I've invented. I'm a very visual person, so the particulars of the environment in which the story takes place are a necessary to me as knowing the emotional environment of the characters. If I do my job right, the setting enriches the actions and feelings of the characters, but, like so many aspects of writing, it's not something I consciously set out to do.

Sonya’s latest release is Middle of Somewhere: 

“A young woman, widowed and troubled, hikes from Yosemite Valley deep into the wilderness to elude her shameful past in this emotional page-turner from the author of House Broken.

With her thirtieth birthday looming, Liz Kroft is a heading for the hills—literally. Her emotional baggage weighs her down more than her backpack, but a three-week trek promises the solitude she craves—at least until her boyfriend, Dante, decides to tag along. His broad moral streak makes the prospect of confessing her sins more difficult, but as much as she fears his judgment, she fears losing him more. Maybe.

 They set off together under blue skies, but it’s not long before storms threaten and two strange brothers appear along the trail. Amid the jagged, towering peaks, Liz must decide whether to admit her mistakes and confront her fears, or face the trail, the brothers and her future alone.”

Penguin is giving away one copy of Somewhere in the Middle.  You must be 18 years old to enter and be a US resident.

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  1. I love to escape by reading something that consumes me to the point that everything else slips away.