Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who Would You Trust? A Review and Giveaway

Thank you to Kimberly Belle and Mira for a copy of this novel The Ones We Trust in exchange for an honest review.  Another great read for the summer!  This is Kimberly’s second novel and a delight to share.  I am giving away one copy to a lucky participant! 


Abigail has worked previously as a reporter but an event in the past has traumatized her.   This story caused a woman to hang herself and the woman she thought she had helped Maria got away.  So now she provides content for a Health website for seniors.  So when a kid shows up at her door related to the last story she wrote will Abigail have the ability to help him?  Will she be able to find the answers he is looking for related to Maria?  Then one day a transcript shows up on her front door in connection to a different case in connected to a past story that Abigail covered on Zach Armstrong.  Who killed him?  What will the answers finally yield?  Will these answers connect to the other story to the Armstrong case? Or will she have to betray someone she loves?

My Thoughts: 

I had the opportunity to meet Kimberly at her event for her previous novel The Last Breath.  I very much enjoyed The Ones We Trust.  I don’t often highly recommend a thriller, but for this one I will.   It is one that you should take to the beach with you this summer.  The plot was intriguing.  I did find the love interest to be a little predictable, but it didn’t change my enjoyment of the story.  I loved how she wound two different cases together to bring about the full scope of the story.  Characters were also complex and full of depth.  You could see a real growth of these characters as the novel progressed. 

I am looking forward to my next novel by Kimberly Belle.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I have been hearing great things about this book all summer and loved reading your review. :)