Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Do You Think of the Idea of Love?

Summer brings out the list of my favorite writers and one of them is Patti Callahan Henry.  This is my first time to share one of her novels.  Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for a copy of The Idea of Love.  I am also giving away a one copy of this novel.  So sit back and be ready to be enticed for a great story!


Blake Hunter is looking for his next story.  He writes screenplays which come to the big screen in Hollywood.  There is only one problem he hasn’t had a hit in a long time.   So he travels to Watersend South Carolina to see what he can find under and assumed identity of Hunter Adderman.  What happens when he comes across a local woman Ella Flynn?   Is she telling him the truth?   Will he ultimately find his story and maybe a little romance of his own?

My Thoughts:

This is my first time to share one of Patti’s novels.  I am honored for the opportunity to share The Idea of Love.  I enjoyed the story!  I have met Patti a few times over the years.  I recently attended a luncheon where she described her writing process.  Patti said to just see what would happen next.   The novel is plotted well.  I really enjoyed the character of Ella and wanted to root for her to succeed throughout the novel. I admittedly had my doubts initially about the chemistry between Hunter and Ella, but I found the conclusion interesting!

 I look forward to reading her next novel!

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