Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How Free Are You?

Stasi Eldredge shared her novel for women in Becoming Myself.  Now she has written
a book for young women about the ability to be free to be themselves in the book free to be Me.  How can we in other words be the individuals were meant to be in Jesus Christ?

The first step she discusses learning who we are in Christ.  This is not always easy with the pressures to conform to this world.   How do we step out in God’s path?  How do we remember how beautiful we are in Christ?  I admittedly stumble in this area.  It is easy to believe that we are alone.

Stasi also discusses the importance of having friends and our roles with them.  How do you know when you have been a good friend?  How do you know when to let go of these relationships.  How do you trust God through it all?

My Thoughts:

Stasi Eldredge is a new author for me.   I recently picked up for her book form the Lifeway story.  I read this one after reading the adult version.  This modified version is for young women.  It covers the same information as the adult version.  I picked up this book by accident.  I didn’t realize this was a guide for young girls.   This book is chocked full of spiritual truths that are helpful at any age.  I look forward to the next Stasi Eldredge book.



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