Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

Today I am sharing The Senator’s Wife by Sue Miller.  She is a new author for me. I of course saw the pretty cover that screamed “Read me!”   Are you a fan of this author?


Meri is just beginning her married life in a new town.  Her husband Nathan will be a college professor at the local college.  They move in across the street from their neighbor Delia Naughton who is married to the ex-senator Tom Naughton.  Delia and Tom share a checkered past where choices were made and consequences resulted.  What are these consequences?  Meri wants to know as she carries out her pregnancy.  Both women make choices that will either encourage a relationship or destroy it.  What will the final result be?

My Thoughts:

What did I think of Sue Miller’s writing?  I thought it was okay.  I might read another of her books.  What I found most interesting in this book was the comparison made between the couples Meri and Nathan and Tom and Delia.  Who really had the ideal marriage?  How do our choices impact others?  Another how do you forgive someone who does something you determine as unthinkable?

Who hasn’t struggled with these questions?  I also mentioned the grass is always greener.  Some people may seem curious to us because they don’t fit the framework of what we expect to see in a marriage or a family.  For me what I have learned is that forgiving is not an easy process but takes time.  I find that I am like Delia with choosing how to trust those who have hurt me. 

This novel was an interesting read.  I listened to the book on audio.  Blair Brown did a great job of narrating. 



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