Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Authors In Bloom Giveaway!

I am glad to be back sharing three wonderful new books and a recipe.   There is also a grand prize is an ereader of their choice (up to $200 value) with second prize a $25 gift card to the ebook retailer of your choice.    You must visit each other in the giveaway.  Grand prize winners will be announced on Bloomin Thyme’s websites. The recipe is from Pinterest and I think you all will love!  I know that I do.  The recipe is for Banana Pancakeswhich includes a glaze.  

Here are three great books: 

Reflection Point by Emily March:  The town of Eternity Springs includes some married couples with one very single sheriff. This sheriff needs a mate. Zach Turner the Sheriff hears about a new resident Savannah Sophie Moore. She is opening a bath store with special scents something like Bath and Body works. Savannah makes friends easily in the town but can she accept the town matriarch Celeste Blessing? She brings reminders of Savannah’s past which she would like to forget. When Zach figures out who she is will this affect their relationship?

A Girl Like You by Maureen Lindley:  Angelina is the small town in California that Satori Baker calls home during the late 1930's. The Bakers' are living on a farm that barely brings in enough money to make ends meet. To add to the difficulties of growing up in the last years of the depression, and the angst associated with becoming a young woman, Satori is dealing with the fact that she is half Japanese and half American. As a half caste, Satori is too American for the Japanese and too Japanese for the Whites in Angelina. With all the challenges Satori is currently dealing with, she is about to find her world turned upside down and inside out when America declares war on the Japan in 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor leaves Satori without her father, her home, and her friends.

Saving Gracie by Terry Lee:  Kathryn is absolutely convinced that her daughter Gracie cannot handle life without her. Gracie is married with two children. She also cannot do anything without consulting her mother. What happens when both are without one another? What will both learn? Where will life take Gracie without her mother’s guidance?

Please follow the rafflecopter! And Good Luck!  The giveaway will run from April 8th-17th. 
  Here are the other author's:  



  1. Hey, Jencey! A Girl Like You sounds kind of awesome. George Takei really brought the Japanese internment camps to a younger generation's knowledge. I don't know if we even covered them! Reflection Point sounds fun too, but that's because I'm kind of addicted to those bath product stores! Black Friday is a *nightmare* for me! (email is ___@___.___.___, replace blanks with smiles, alumni, cmu, edu)

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  5. Thank you to everyone who has entered today. I hope you like the recipe. I fixed the link to the rafflecopter. Thank you for your comments.

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