Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is it Worth a 2nd Chance?

2nd Chance is the second novel in the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson with Andrew Gross.  I liked the first one and wanted to see what I thought about the second one in the series.  Does it make the series worth continuing?


Lindsay is enjoying some time off when she gets the call about a shooting in a San Francisco neighborhood.  She has received a promotion since we last met her in First to Die.  The clues eventually lead to the main suspect of Chimera.   Who is he?  Will Lindsay be able to find him in time?  Call in the Women’s Murder Club of Jill, Cindy, and Claire.  Can they help Lindsay piece together case before more bodies show up?

My Thoughts: 

Was it worth it?  Yes, I enjoyed the story.  I happened to listen to it.   The story was narrated by actors Melissa Leo and Jeremy Piven.  I haven’t been a fan of their work on the screen, but thoroughly enjoyed their performance in this audiobook.  There is even a special note by the author James Patterson.  

One question I always ask myself is can males write female characters well?  I found the James Patterson and Andrew Gross’s portrayal of the club convincing?  The answer is yes but I would not call it chick lit.  The genre is thriller.    I didn’t find the story so thrilling that I needed to pullover, but I did want to know what would happen next.  I wonder what the direction the series will take in the next book?



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