Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Are You Your Best Self?

Are you your best self?   This is the question asked by author Stasi Eldredge in her book Becoming Myself.  Another way to ask this question is do you know what is keeping you from becoming yourself?    

Stasi’s purpose is to help people who are suffering in bondage to sin.  They need to find freedom to be the best of who they are.  The book has fourteen chapters which divides into eight sessions with the accompanying study guide.  You can also get the DVD to help with group discussion if including others in your reading of this book.

The first couple of chapters focus on:  One can you really change?  Two how can you look back with mercy and not anger and bitterness?  For me Stasi’s voice spoke with compassion and mercy about how the past can’t be changed but you can change the future.  It can change your focus on how to change.  How can change challenges you to be different?

The next chapters are about our current landscapes of our lives and the people who have made us who we are.  It is mostly referring to our mothers.  This could be a good or bad topic depending on your experience. The final chapters are about breaking the bondage and understanding on how to move forward.  Are we aware of what is truly going on in this world where we wait for God?

My Thoughts: 

I loved this book!  I would highly recommend this study.  I found it challenging but a reminder of what is to come.  I was fortunate to read this book as part of a study with my friend Gina.  I found the study guide helpful to go along with this book.  I also consulted the DVDs which were great to hear Stasi speak but did not really help pull everything together for me.


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