Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop!

I am dreaming of books.  Welcome to the Dreaming of Books giveaway hop.  This hop will run from January 16, 2015 to January 26, 2015.  This giveaway will be open only to US followers.  I am going to be clearing the shelves at Writer’s Corner.  Here are the books that I am sharing: 

The Wild Roses by Robert J. Elisberg:  The king was only a child at the time of his kidnapping.  His father had died recently and with the monarch being a child a perfect opportunity.   One noble man the Marquis De Longueville wants to change the rule of France to the nobles.  He seems to succeed until…These three women Racine a gypsy, Charlotte a wealthy heiress, and Gabrielle an actress start blocking his plan.  These ladies all have one thing in common they are great with a sword.  An old nobleman finds a way to unite them, but can they really get over their differences?  Will they rescue the king?

Lie Still by Julia Heaberlin:  Caroline Warwick has invited Emily to be part of a special club that includes women who are just dying to get in. She does not share their excitement about being involved in this club although her husband Mike encourages her to be part. This club involves secrets that Emily does not want to share. One secret that is she was raped in college and her rapist murdered. One day Caroline goes missing and Mike rethinks his encouragement of her being involved in town life. Especially after Emily’s stalker follows them to Clairmont and continues to leave her presents. What really happened to Caroline? Why is Emily being stalked?

After I’m Gone by Laura Lippman:  Felix Brewer is leaving his family and everything he knows because of a prison term. He tries hard to prepare his family including his mistress Julie Saxony for the fact that he will not be there in the future. Will they heed his advice? Ten years pass and Julie Saxony goes missing. Police investigate but nothing happens with the investigation until it reaches retired detective Sandy Sanchez. What will he find? Will his investigation lead to Felix Brewer?

Lighthouse Island by Paulette Jiles:  The Story begins at Sisson Bend neighborhood, where Nadia Stepan also known as Raisa was abandoned by her parents.   She was just a young child and her parents left her a gift.  The North Star and it symbolizes that her parents are always present.  Raisa is shipped off to a foster home, and becomes partially blind. As a result, she finds refuge by reading books. The world of fantasy became an escape, since she could not be around kids her age.  Then she takes on a new identity at the hospital as Nadia Stepan.   Nadia soon tires of being at one foster home after another.  One day she hears about Lighthouse Island. There might be a way to find her parents there.  Could it also offer peace and happiness?

Please follow the rafflecopter to enter.  I am not responsible for packages that are lost in the mail.
 This is a Blog Hop!


  1. I am dreaming of your stash of books.

  2. Is there anything more beautiful than a stash of books? Gorgeous! :-)