Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Visit the Angels of Ropemaker Place

One of the first stories written by Michele Gorman is Angels of Ropemaker Place. 
This story was published under the name of  Jamie Scott.    The story centers around angels Mr. Packer and Dolly.  They work at a bank.  Mr. Packer shines the shoes and Dolly pours the tea.  What  will we learn about the people that they serve and their choices?

My Thoughts:

I did not realize how short this story was.  It does not take long to read at all.  The writing is very descriptive.   We learn very little about the characters because of the shortness of the story.  The author gives an explanation in the beginning as to the setting of the story. 

A Great Read for the Holidays!



Should you like to contact Jamie Scott (Michele Gorman) you can reach her at Facebook, Twitter, and her Website

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