Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How Sweet is Your Sweet Talk?

Thank you to Penguin for a copy of Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood in exchange for an honest review.   Julie is one of my favorite authors so I always look forward to her next novel.  The question is did I look forward to this one?


Olivia has never been close to her immediate family.  In fact the only biological family she spends any time with is her aunt Emma.  Her experience with her family leaves a lot to be desired especially when she finds out what her father really does for a living as a lawyer.  Can she prove how bad her father really is? Olivia goes for a job interview with Mr. Jorguson and all does not go as planned. Enter Grayson Kincaid a relative of Sam Kincaid from one of Julie’s previous novels.  Grayson is a FBI agent who is tasked with finding out who shot Olivia.  But could there be much more?

My Thoughts: 

This novel was not my favorite like her other novels.  I thought at times it was a throwback to older romance novels in the 1980s-1990s.   The plot is compelling.  It is the one aspect of this novel that kept me reading because I wanted to see how these loose ends would be tied up.   Such as who shot Olivia?  Will she find out if her father will go to prison? The other romantic side of the plot is very predictable between Grayson and Olivia. 

The background of Olivia’s character is very interesting to me.  I wondered if we might see more of the other girl’s stories in future novels.  The disease that they all suffer from is mentioned little in the novel.  It is hinted at.  

I would consider this novel a throwback to yester year. 


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