Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Is Your Path a Constant One?

The Constant Princess is the first novel in the Tudor Court Series by Philippa Gregory.  When the novel begins we meet at the major players of the story.  The English court is the court of King Henry the seventh and his Queen Elizabeth of York.  Lady Margaret is still present and rules the family.


Princess Catherine has grown up in the court of Spain.  She is the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand, and promised in marriage to the young Prince Arthur.  She is excited to do her part for Spain, her mother, and God.   She is anxious to continue her parent’s mission.   Will the English support it?  Are her parents right to have the mission against the moors and expanding christianity?  When Arthur dies will she be able to continue the mission that she promised him?

My Thoughts: 

I am always interested in picking up a Philippa Gregory novel.  Since the story basically has some of the same characters in Cousins War (See White Queen, Red Queen, and the Kingmaker’s Daughter).  For me it was interesting to see how the son of Elizabeth of York who is Henry the Eighth grew to be.  What role Queen Catherine played in his life?  One observation I had is how well Philippa Gregory write these characters.  I would love to know how she brings these characters to life with such extensive research.  I was not a fan of the character of Catherine and her deceit towards the royal family. 

The setting is England and the castles of the Tudor Royal family.  Catherine narrates the story and it is told from her point of view.  I felt sorry for her in the end.

The next book in the series is the Other Boleyn Girl. 

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