Thursday, November 6, 2014

Are You an Optimist?

Lyne Noella is the author of Outrageous Optimist.  It  is a contemporary romance about family, friendship, failure, and fresh starts. The protagonist, Lisette Latour, shutters her San Francisco
marketing agency and returns to her hometown of Playa Tiempo to regroup after over-investing in Silicon Valley startups. While trying to get back to San Francisco by securing a marketing job, Lisette discovers that her San Diego County hometown has blossomed in her absence, with citizens as creative and unorthodox as those she left behind in San Francisco. Lisette also realizes that her normally very organized sister, Denise, needs help with preparing for the birth of her first child. At the suggestion of a sexy attorney, Lisette gets involved with a Playa Tiempo apothecary shop owner who needs assistance with sales and marketing. This opens up a new world for Lisette, New Orleans style, when she agrees to provide services for the mysterious apothecary shop owner, who has unusual healing powers and the ability to see into the future. An exploding microbrewery scene, a handsome but elusive attorney, clean skies and intrigue beguile Lisette, making it difficult to choose between family and friends in Playa Tiempo and the opportunities and lifestyle of the big city.

Lyne Noella is a writer, storyteller and marketing executive living in San Diego County. She is an international speaker who honed her writing skills creating award-winning advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns. She graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor of science degree in radio, television and film. “Outrageous Optimist" is her first novel.

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