Thursday, October 16, 2014

So What is Really Going On?

Hidden is the most recent novel by Catherine McKenzie.  A very interesting story!  Something is definitely hidden between three people: Jeff, his wife Claire, and Patricia. So what are they hiding?  How engrossing is this story?


Jeff is not looking forward to what he has to do.  He has to fire a colleague who has mentored him.  While Tish (Patricia) can advise him as a member of Human Resources at the company they both work for.  They work at a company that is located in two Springfields.  John’s choices will affect both women in his life.  Claire is his wife and the mother of their son.  Then there is Tish Underhill the wife of Brian and her daughter Zoey.  So who do they all relate to one another in this story?    There are many ways because his death causes paths to cross that may or may not give answers to both Claire and Tish.

My Thoughts:

I am a fan of Catherine’s work.  I liked Hidden!  I found the story interesting especially the way she chose to tell it.  It is told from three different perspectives of: Jeff, Claire, and Patricia or Tish.  The story is told in first person by each character.  The question becomes can you keep the details straight? The story deserves to be taken apart with a fine tooth comb.

I didn’t find as many hooks in the story to keep me interested as I have with her previous novels.  I would probably have to go back and read more myself.   I actually found myself wanting to fight for the character of Patricia.  Her story won me over and how she strove to move forward. 

Very interesting read!



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