Thursday, October 23, 2014

Are You Ready for a Fun Ride?

I had a lot of fun with Fire and Ice.  I happened to get the audiobook to listen to this novel.  You can always count on  that they are really well done!    Fire and Ice introduces us to FBI agent Jack MacAlister and reintroduces us to Sophie Rose, Alex Buchanan, Reagan Buchanan, Bobby Rose, and others.


Sophie is busy at her desk writing an article for the Chicago Chronicle.  She wonders what the next assignment might be.  Mr. Bitterman her boss soon let’s her know that she needs to interview a man who called the newspaper for an interview.  Sophie contacts and meets with William Harrington who called the paper.   When they met he talks for three hours on his favorite topic himself and his upcoming races and lets slip about the Alpha Project.  Sophie barely pays attention until he shows up dead a couple of days later.  Well naturally she’s curious!  There is one major problem someone has made a threat on her life.  Will she accept help from Jack and her friends?  Will she be able to find out what happened to William Harrington?

My Thoughts:

Remember I said fun right!  What makes Julie Garwood’s characters so interesting is how unique she makes them.  We met Sophie in another of Julie’s novel The Murder List.  I am glad that we got to know her a little better in her own novel. What would you do if you had a father who is wanted by the authorities on a regular basis?  You are constantly called in by the cops for questioning.  You are used to having your life threatened.  How does the author make the pairing of Jack and Sophie so relatable?    

The other concepts of the story are well done.  The plot is predictable but an entertaining ride.  I am always very entertained by Julie’s novels.  Humor makes it all that much more entertaining!  



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