Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Do Predictions Really Come True?

Welcome to the Gypsy Moon!  This is one of the few remaining novels in the House of Winslow Series by Gilbert Morris.    This story focuses on the life of Gabrielle Winslow also known as Gabby.

Gabby is on top of the world! She has a date with one of the most popular boys at school.  As the date draws to a close her date brings her to a popular park near their homes.  A band of gypsies are there and they are invited to share in the activities.   Gabby meets Jana an older gypsy who is a Christ follower.  She tells Gabby’s fortune about who her true love will eventually be.  Her words repeat through Gabby’s head as the years go by.  Since this the earlier date she has become a doctor and gone to live with her aunt Liza and her uncle Dalton.     There have been many men in her life but none who meet Jana’s standards.  Her Uncle Dalton is invited to work at the University of Berlin and he makes a discovery. It might help the war efforts.  Germany desperately wants him to stay and finish his work.  Enter Dai Bando an English spy who has to seek help from Gabby to rescue her aunt and uncle.  Will he convince her that he can help?  Will Gabby make it safely out of Germany?

My Thoughts: 

Did Gilbert Morris come up with another winner?  The answer is yes.  This novel included some interesting historical characters from Josephine Hellinger to Adolf Hitler and his Nazis.  I felt that Gabby’s story had so many twists and turns that it kept me interested throughout the novel. 

The novel is actually set in Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Germany.    The only part of the novel that wasn’t my cup of tea is how the story meandered in places.


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