Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where Would You Escape To?

Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner always be featured during Beach Reads at Writer’s Corner.  Her novel explores what happens when a Political wife learns about her husband’s affair and how it affects her daughters.


Sylvie has always put her husband Richard first in their family, regardless of any circumstance.  Richard is a politician and a Senator for the state of New York.  One day She is driving home from an event when she gets a frantic phone call from her best friend.  Seal tells her that Richard has had an affair and it is all over the national news.  What is Sylvie to do with this news?  How will it impact their daughters?  Diana an emergency room doctor and mom to Mylo has her own struggles with her marriage.  Lizzy the younger daughter is coming back from rehab and trying to start her life over.  Will she be successful?  Will Diana be able to cope with her father and other problems?

My Thoughts:

Jennifer Weiner definitely has a winner with this one.  So many people slam chick lit because they don’t think that there are real issues and only fluff.  Fly Away Home does not have fluff at all. All the characters have to deal with the affair.  I loved how Sylvie chose to deal with the problem and what insights she discovered.  Diana is not a likable character.  She seems to have everything but it is not what it seems.  Lizzy is trying to put her life back together but doesn’t feel that it could ever be normal.  I sometimes felt these conflicts went too far for me.  I really appreciate the depth the writer took to convey these very real conflicts.

The setting for this story was interesting!  It took place three different states:  New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.  I felt it was appropriate for the story that  Jennifer Weiner  crafted. 

Another entertaining read!  I also listened to this novel and Judith Light narrated and did an excellent job!


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