Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Would You Do For Love?

Welcome to my first Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel What I Did For Love.  I have heard about  this author from other writers in their writing process.  I thought I would check her out myself.


The paporatize won’t leave Georgie alone.  Her ex-husband Lance an action star did her no favors.  He leaked a rumor that she did not want to have children and that was the reason he left.  Georgie wants to move on with her life but feels stuck in a rut until she comes up with a plan.  Create a fake marriage  with a close friend that will take her out of  the spotlight.  Who will she marry?  Why none other than Bram Shepherd her previous costar in Skip and Scooter.  The show they basically grew up in. Will they truly be able to carry off this fake marriage?  What will the future bring?

My Thoughts: 

A writer I know fairly well highly recommends Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  If you have read Save the Date then you know who it is.  For me I was surprised by the negative tone of the story initially.  There is no love lost between the characters of Georgie and Bram.  The first part of the novel spends a good bit of time explaining this aspect of their relationship.  As the novel progressed I started to enjoy it more.  I am not usually a huge fan of the Hollywood setting.  I love California don’t get me wrong.  The Hollywood aspect with its partying and drugs just doesn’t appeal to me. That is why this novel surprised me by not going that route when I thought it would.  The characters of Georgie and Bram are written well and evolve  as the novel progresses. 

I don’t know if I will read another Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  I think most readers will enjoy this novel although it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.



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