Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Move, New Job, What Else Could Happen?

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich is a start of a new series.  The best way to describe this series is Stephanie Plum series meets the ABC show Once Upon a Time.  So this leads to an intriguing story. 


Lizzie has just moved into her Aunt Ophelia’s house in Salem Massachusetts.  She moved from New York to take over aunt’s house.  She has a job at the bakery Dazzles.  One day a man named Diesel shows up and tells Lizzie that she is in trouble.  Also that Lizzie has a gift could cause some problems.  What is her gift it is called an unmentionable which means that she can detect magical items.  She can help Diesel with his job, but is need of protection from his cousin Wolf. They have to find four stones called glutinoids.  Will they be able find what they are looking for?

My Thoughts: 

I thought this novel was interesting!  This it is book one of the Wicked series.  I am interested to see where the plot goes in this series.  The characters of Lizzie and Diesel seem a little predictable if you are familiar with some of Janet Evanovich’s other series.  I found some humor in the plot of the story.  The character that carried the humorous storyline is Glo. 

I listened to this novel which is narrated by Lorelai King.  I thought she did a pretty fair job.  There was one aspect of her delivery that I disagreed with.  I lived in northern Virginia for fourteen years.  I went to college in Fairfax.  You might find a distinct southern accent in southern Virginia.  The background of Lizzie’s character is that she grew up in the Fairfax area and then moved to New York.  Lizzie would not talk with a southern accent if anything she would have more of a New England accent coming into Massachusetts. 

The next novel in this series is Wicked Business which I will most likely check out.


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