Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let Me Tell You a Story…

Robert J. Elisberg sent me his debut novel Wild Roses.  I liked the idea of the story of the three musketeers with a twist meaning women in the role instead of men.    I knew a little about the three musketeers but not much.  I was interested to see how three women in these roles would work or not?


The king was only a child at the time of his kidnapping.  His father had died recently and with the monarch being a child a perfect opportunity.   One noble man the Marquis De Longueville wants to change the rule of France to the nobles.  He seems to succeed until…These three women Racine a gypsy, Charlotte a wealthy heiress, and Gabrielle an actress start blocking his plan.  These ladies all have one thing in common they are great with a sword.  An old nobleman finds a way to unite them, but can they really get over their differences?  Will they rescue the king?

My Thoughts: 

I thought this story was interesting like I mentioned before.  I am always interested to see female characters in leadership.  The author came up with some interesting characters in Racine, Charlotte, and Gabrielle.   He has a great villain in the Marquis De Longueville. 

The story seemed to drag.  I had no problem reading the first eighty pages.  I would really prefer a little less telling of a story and a little more show.   In other words let the characters tell the story.  I lost interest the more telling I received throughout the novel.



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