Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Can You Really Trust the One Your Meant For?

I feel absolutely blessed to share the second part of Elly’s journey.  Thank you to Colleen Oakes and BookSparks PR for the chance to share this next novel.  I have read the first novel which is Elly in Bloom.  I love weddings and flowers so I absolutely wanted to go back for more!


Elly is very happy but is she in love with Keith?  Elly is a busy Florist with weddings planned throughout the season.  Keith owns the deli down the street.  Life could not be better!  All of the sudden a teenager shows up on Elly’s doorstep claiming to be family.  Elly starts to wonder if she can really trust Keith. Will Elly be able to adjust?  Then there is her business Posies is doing well but then the opportunity of the lifetime comes up to be part of the reality television show Bliss Brides.  Elly cannot say no and the chance to work with a celebrity bride.  Then snarky teenager is also pushing for a second store.  Will Elly give in?  How will she adjust to new family? 

My Thoughts: 

I couldn’t wait to have the chance to share the second part of the Elly’s story!  For all the reasons I mentioned above.  I enjoyed this novel!  I of course loved the setting of St. Louis.  It is still very much home to me!  I wondered what the author would have in store for the plot in Elly’s story.  I was not disappointed. At one point I didn’t want to read further because I didn’t agree with Elly’s choice.  The author created great conflict.  I was very satisfied with the results. 

I am interested in the characters of Elly in Love.  I have one request of the author.   Could we please have a name for Snarky Teenager?  She has grown so much over both novels it definitely warrants a name. 



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