Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Support a Great Cause!

I had the honor of meeting Dorothea Benton Frank at Barnes and Noble Buckhead in Atlanta Georgia.  She is currently on tour for the Hurricane Sisters, and shared with us a little about the story in her new novel.  She also assured us that it is very funny!  I very much enjoyed the last novel I read by her so I am sure that this one will be a treat. 

One cause that is close to her heart is the domestic violence.  Dorothea was conducting a search one day on the internet.  There is a top ten list of states in the United States that are bad for handling domestic violence cases.  She found out that
South Carolina leads the nation in being the worst for handling domestic abuse cases.

 For each city that Dorothea visits on her tour for the Hurricane Sisters is being donated to shelters for women in domestic violence situations.  This novel will surely give a welcomed break to the reality of these women who go through on a daily basis. 
One of those shelters is the International Women’s House.  This shelter helps immigrant and refugee women and their children.  The shelter located domestically here is in Decatur Georgia. 

P.O. Box 1327
Decatur, Georgia 30031

You can follow Dorothea on her tour at her website.
Please also don’t forget to get your copy of this great novel the Hurricane Sisters.
Support your local shelter and read on!

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