Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Celebrating A Hundred Summers at Fox Tale Book Shoppe with Beatriz Williams and Karen White

On a  sunny evening I visited the Fox Tale Book Shoppe to see author Beatriz Williams and Karen White.  Beatriz has been on Writer’s Corner twice before for both novels Overseas and A Hundred Summers.  She is currently on tour for the paperback release for A Hundred Summers.  Stay tuned to Writer’s Corner because you may see a special offer next month.

For those you who need a refresher here is a synopsis of  A Hundred Summers.  Meet Budgie who is known for getting what she wants whenever she wants it. Her gal pal Lily always accompanies but steps aside for her friend. The women travel in the fall of 1931 to see Nick Greenwald and his friend Graham Pendleton at a football game. Lily immediately falls for Nick while Budgie cautions her. On New Years Lily and Nick make a decision that could affect their future. What will happen to the both of them? How will things have changed in 1938?

For the writers out there the one concept that I found most interesting is the story lines.  One storyline takes place in 1938, and the other starts in 1915 and leads up to 1931.  The stories are intersected by a secret that turns into a mystery.  This all leads up to the great hurricane that hit the east coast in 1938.

Beatriz will also have a new hardback releasing in late May.  One of the characters is connected to several of the characters in A Hundred Summers.

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