Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Is Your Lower Story?

Thank you to Eagles Landing First Baptist for providing me with a copy of this book.  The Story by Randy Frazee and Max Lucado is currently studied at my church.  The
question that Randy poses throughout the book is:  What is the lower story?  Or what is the Upper Story?

The Lower story refers to life circumstances that we see every day.  What are you dealing with currently?  Each chapter tells the story of the many people mentioned in the bible.  Then at church we go through the video and Randy discusses it further.

The Upper Story is what God is how his plan affects us.   There may be a greater story that we are not aware of as we progress through the lower story.  

You can get many different versions of this book.  In other words you can choose the translation that works best for you.  This book accompanies different translations of the bible.  The chapters take you from Genesis and creation to Revelations.  The chapters focus is to take a book of the bible and tell a narrative and introduce you to the main characters. 

My Thoughts:

I liked this book!  I thought it offered a fresh approach to how we view the bible.  I love studying the bible with fresh prospective.  Randy will challenge you to seek a fresh prospective and apply it to your life. 

The only negative for me was sometimes the length of the chapters.  I was curious to see how they would want to cover them.   

A book worth checking it!



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