Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What Choice Does Fate Bring?

Thank you to Tandem Literary and St. Martin’sPress for my copy of Tempting Fate by Jane Green.   I am excited to share her new release with you.   Jane asks the question how forgiving would you be in certain circumstances?


Gabby has the perfect family she absolutely loves her husband Elliot and her two daughters Olivia and Alana.  One night while her family is out Gabby decides to go out with her married friends.  They think what harm could happen when going to a bar and flirting with some guys there.  They would never take it any further or would they?  Or more specifically would Gabby?  She meets Matt that night and they start a friendship.  Gabby tells herself that it won’t go any further than friendship.  Will she change her mind?  What consequences occur from that one choice?  Will they be able to forgive?

My Thoughts:

Tempting Fate is a very entertaining and emotionally charged read!  This novel is full of conflict and asks the question can you forgive? Others? Yourself?  I really felt for all the characters as they dealt with the main conflict within the novel.  I could argue both sides of the issue for each character.  For me I think it would come down to who has the right to judge the one who hurts you?

The novel is beautifully written and very descriptive.   The novel is emotionally driven and powerfully written.  I had the audio version of this book and it was a little adjustment for me to the narrator which is Jane Green.

Overall one that you will not be able to put down.    



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