Thursday, January 9, 2014

Visit Grant County…

Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter is her debut novel.  We are introduced to the characters in Grant County.


A prominent professor is murdered and raped in the local café.  Who did it?  Sarah Linton the local coroner and pediatrician works with her ex-husband Jeffrey Toliver the Police Chief to solve the case.  Will Sarah be able to put the past behind her and work with her ex?  She has not shared everything with Jeffrey about her past.  Another woman is taken.  What will Jeffrey do when he finds out?   Lena is the sister of the woman murdered in the café.  She wants to work the case but is kept away because of how close she is to it.  Circumstances have occurred that bring Lena closer and closer to who actually did it.  Will they catch him in time?

My Thoughts:

Karin Slaughter is a local author in the Atlanta area and I was recommended to try her novels.  I can now say I tried it and liked the first novel.  The first part of the story was a little gruesome to me.  I loved the how the author developed the characters and the reader gets to see how important Sarah’s past is to the story.   The author truly capture the emotion of rape and how it impacts a woman who has experienced it. 

The story is set in Grant County Georgia.  The county is located south of Atlanta and near Griffin Georgia.  I look forward to checking out the next novel in the Grant County series.



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