Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome to the town of Clairmont Texas

I won a copy of Lie Still by Julia Heaberlin from Random House in their mystery
giveaway.  Thank you for sending the copy.    Emily and Mike move to the town of Clairmont to start over and make a career change.


Caroline Warwick has invited Emily to be part of a special club that includes women who are just dying to get in.  She does not share their excitement about being involved in this club although her husband Mike encourages her to be part.  This club involves secrets that Emily does not want to share.  One secret that is she was raped in college and her rapist murdered.    One day Caroline goes missing and Mike rethinks his encouragement of her being involved in town life.  Especially after Emily’s stalker follows them to Clairmont and continues to leave her presents.  What really happened to Caroline?  Why is Emily being stalked?

My Thoughts:

Lie Still is a very entertaining novel!  It is very engrossing!  I had a hard time with some parts of the novel because they were very detail oriented. I wondered why some sections were important to know? The author is very deceptive and keeps you guessing as to what is going on next.

The characters in this novel are unforgettable.  Emily tells the story and it is told from her point of view.  You feel her frustration at wanting to know what is going on?  Why are the women in the town so secretive?  The most unforgettable women to me were Misty, Letty, and Liesl.  They all play an important part in the story.



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