Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Day …

Many of my friends have highly recommended this novel.  Her are my thoughts on it.

Emma and Dexter meet on July 15, 1988.  They know that  they would like to stay in touch.   There is something about both that keeps them together throughout the years.  The novel spans the time of 1988 to 2008.   Dexter wants to have fun and live his life and is not ready to settle down.  Emma takes life a little more seriously and pursues a career.  She badly would like Dexter’s affections but realizes that this is not going to happen.  Will they find one another or will it be too late?
My Thoughts:
I wish that I could tell you that I loved this novel.  I did not enjoy this novel.  My main dislike is for the character of Dexter.  The setting is what you expect for a novel set in England.  I actually listened to the novel as an audio book.  The narration is great. 
The highlight is the plot and part of the novel that I liked the most.  I loved the plot!  The novel is structured on one date.   Emma and Dexter meet on July 15th and the snippets of their lives are shared on this date.  This is a fresh twist on the plot. 
I would say the movie is more worth your time than the book.


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