Thursday, November 28, 2013

Come Visit the New Inn Boonsboro!

 The Inn Boonsboro series starts with The Next Always by Nora Roberts.  She actually
based this series on the real Inn Boonsboro.  The building of the inn is described in detail in this novel.


The Montgomery brothers are working hard on the new family business the Inn Boonsboro.  They are rebuilding and refurbishing the Inn.  Their mother Justine directs the flow of the business.  One of the other businesses in the area is the local bookstore which is run by Clare Brewster a single mother of three boys.  She also has the attention of Beckett Montgomery who pursues a friendship with Clare.  Will it blossom into something more?   What will happen with the inn as it continues to grow?

My Thoughts:

After reading the Bride Quartet series, I was excited to read the Inn Boonsboro series.  My excitement decreased in the beginning of this novel.  I have a hard time sometimes when the author is introducing new characters and the setting.  I tend to like book twos a little more in the series.  Once we progressed beyond this part of the novel I could not get enough.

The main cores of characters in this novel are the Montgomery brothers Beckett, Ryder, and Owen.  Then you meet their mother Justine and their aunt Carol Lee.  My personal favorite is Clare because she owns and runs the local bookstore Turn the Page.  Clare’s character is not as strong a female lead as in some of her other books, but it leads to the main source of conflict later on in the novel.



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