Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Does It Really Begin?

How It All Began by Penelope is a thought provoking fictional account of how the
lives of multiple people can be impacted by a random accident. It reminds me of widening ripples after a pebble has been thrown in a pond.

Charlotte Rainsford is walking down a street in London, when she is mugged by a teenager. She falls and breaks her hip, and her life is understandably altered due to her injury.  She cannot live alone while her hip is mending and mobility is severely limited. The reader also finds that the mugging incident triggers actions that lead to a marriage on the brink of divorce, the possible bankruptcy of an interior decorator’s business, the less than stellar performance at a lecture of a well-known historian, and how an immigrant's attempt to improve his life in the UK impacts the course of a twenty year marriage.

My Thoughts

"How It All Began" is the perfect book to read while curled up in your favorite chair with an afghan and a hot chocolate.  The reader will want to time with this book to allow full immersion in the story.  The characters are ordinary people living ordinary lives.  A random incident changes all their lives and the reader is compelled to keep reading to find out how the story unfolds.  Will the couple on the brink of divorce end or mend their marriage?  Will the interior decorator be able to save her business or will she have to change career direction?  Will the historian be able to restore his reputation in the academic world or will he fade into obscurity with a blemish on his record?  Penelope Lively answers these questions in such a way that reader has additional questions.  Ms. Lively leaves her readers wanting more, an excellent achievement for any writer.

By Celeste Thomas



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