Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Revenge Wears Prada

I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear about the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. 
I was even more excited that I got to see and meet Lauren in Atlanta.  The question is it a worthy sequel?


Ten years have flown by since Andy ditched Miranda in Paris.  Time has brought some changes?  Andi has become good friends with her old colleague Emily at Runway.  They have also formed a business together The Plunge which is a high end bridal magazine.   The women are doing well and so what if they name drop Miranda’s name here and there.  They earned the right to use haven’t they?  The next issue features Andi’s wedding to media mogul Max Harrison.  Then on her wedding day Andi finds a letter from her future mother-in-law stating that Max should marry someone more appropriate.  Will she go through with the marriage?  What will happen with the Plunge?

My Thoughts:

When I saw reviews stating these words:  “I’m so disappointed…”  I liked the novel and was not surprised with what Andi was doing in the ten years since Runway.   The flashbacks at the beginning of the book were interesting. I am not a fan of including flashbacks periodically throughout a novel.

Ms. Weisberger brought back all the characters from the first novel.  I can’t say I was too surprised to see what had become of Emily.  I didn’t remember Nigel being in the first one.   I loved him in the movie.   I was not a fan of Lily and Alex in the movie but loved them in the novel.  

I also loved the world that Ms. Weisberger dreamed up for Andi.  I so totally wanted to be part of it.  I would say this novel is a worthy follow up.



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