Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Have I got a town for you to visit Eternity Springs!

Thank you to Emily March and Librarything for this ARC of Reflection Point. Emily is new to Writer’s Corner.


The town of Eternity Springs includes some married couples with one very single sheriff.   This sheriff needs a mate.  Zach Turner the Sheriff hears about  a new resident Savannah Sophie Moore.  She is opening a bath store with special scents something like Bath and Body works.  Savannah makes friends easily in the town but can she accept the town matriarch Celeste Blessing?  She brings reminders of Savannah’s past which she would like to forget.  When Zach figures out who she is will this affect their relationship?

My Thoughts:

Emily March is a new writer to me.  I am so glad to share this writer’s that are new to me.  She is a romance writer and this is a contemporary romance which means that it includes all the things you would expect in a romance novel.  So why then did I love it?  I came into the middle of the series so I am definitely interested in reading more.
The story of a woman with a past and how will that affect the future?  I was always wondering what would happen next?  Would Zach truly accept her?  Could Savannah get over her past?

I found myself wanting to read more at the end of each day.  The story has so many dimensions.   I love characters like Celeste Blessing who are the wise beyond their years. Zach and Savannah are characters are that I can identify with.   I would love to live in a town like Eternity Springs.

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