Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are you ready for an Appetizing Trip to Italy?

Thank you to Jackie Townsend and Ripetta Press.  I couldn’t resist a trip to Italy.  This the first of a two day trip to visit Italy.
Jackie Townsend 


Jamie met Jack through her work.  Jamie works at a firm that buys and sells companies.  She is quite good at it.  Things seem to be progressing with Jack and then he asks her to go to Italy for a wedding.  Jack is from Italy and in the US on a working visa.  Jamie gets to meet his Mom and the rest of the family.  Will she take these family relationships serious?  Then she offers to marry him for a green card.  What will Jack decide?  How will this relationship change Jamie?  Jack decides to go into business with his family which leads to further complications.

My Thoughts:

This novel made me crave an authentic Italian meal.  I devoured the most of the chapters of this novel.  The plot seems to fade and go slower towards the end.  The only other was a question I asked who narrated this story?

I loved the setting of Italy!  The story was also set in the United States partially too.  Italy is a country I have always wanted to visit.  The author did a wonderful job bringing to life the country and its people.

The growth of the characters in this novel is great.  Jamie isn’t a character I initially would have connected with, but she grew on me as the novel progressed.   I sometimes as reader struggle watching characters making certain choices that I as a reader would not agree with.  I have learned to appreciate the depth of conflict and what it brings to a story.



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