Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ready for Seconds with the Nanny?

  When Last we left Nan had been fired and decided to join up with Ryan in his travels. Now it is eight years later.   Nan and Ryan are now married and have moved back to New York to put down roots.   She thought she had left the past behind but all of the sudden.

Here is Grayer and he is back.  He seeks answers to why Nan left him when she did.  Nan feels guilty for how things ended and seeks closure, but is she really seeking that? Life goes as she starts a business and is developing a client list.   Then there are also the renovations to their lovely new home.  When Ryan leaves for a month will she be able to hold it together?

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed The Nanny Returns.  I enjoyed the narration of the audiobook.  The the humor in Ms. McLaughlin and Ms. Kraus’s writings  is greatly appreciated.  I enjoyed the hearing more about what Nan had been up to since we last met her.  I would absolutely die to have a husband like Ryan.  He isn’t perfect but you could see how much he loves Nan. 

Once again we enter the world of the power and privilege with the upper crust of New York.   The question I had throughout the novel is how would Nan handle it?  Would she cower in the corner or thumb her nose at the upper crust.  I thought the relationship she has with Citrine was interesting.   A friendship of opposites one of wealth and one of the average. 

I feel the authors left this book off on the right note.  I can’t help wondering if we might see more from Nan in the future?



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