Monday, December 17, 2012

What are your secrets?

The next chapter in the Nicci Beauvoir saga shifts focus to the character of Dallas August.  This new series of novels focuses on him.  What will we learn next?

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When last we left Dallas August he had taken over the reins of Simon Laroy's enterprise.  Then David and Nicci were able to get away.  But were they?  Carl Bordonaro comes to visit Dallas looking for his services.  Dallas knows that a favor needs to be repaid.  He accepts this job with reluctance.  He is sent to protect but also find out what Gwen knows about Earl Yeager.  Her father is testifying in a different case that also affects Dallas’s job.  Is this a simple case of protection and getting a secret or something more?  Are David and Nicci truly safe?

My Thoughts:

What can I say about the next chapter?   It definitely wasn’t what I expected.  This direction seems to be a little grittier but different from the previous Nicci Beauvoir series.  There are some new characters introduced such as Gwen Marsh, Ed Pioth, Dan Wilbur, and Rennie Davis.  I think the most interesting character is Rennie Davis.  

I love the twist turns of her stories.   You never know what you might get in this series from Alexandrea Weis.   I look forward to reading more.  

Do you believe that life can take interesting twists and turns?  What do you think will happen to Dallas?  How do you feel that compares to your own life?

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