Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Charity Shumway Is One to Watch

Ten Girls to Watch
I met Charity at the Decatur Book Festival.  She shared the stage with Claire Cook during their session.  Ten Girls to Watch is her debut novel.   I have a signed copy to giveaway.


Dawn West has graduated from college and recently broken up with her boyfriend Robert.   She thought about law school but has decided to give writing a try.   The annual party that is thrown by Robert’s parents and his new girlfriend Lily has invited her to go.  Should Dawn go?  The answer is yes because Lily  who is Robert’s current  girlfriend introduces her to Regina the Editor and Chief of Charm.   Regina has an assignment for Dawn to interview and pick the top then from the years of the Charm competition Ten Girls to Watch.   She cannot her believe her luck!   Can she complete the job?  

My Thoughts:

When I first heard about this novel; I didn’t think I would be interested.  The author Charity writes for Glamour magazine and she based the story off of an actual competition that Glamour runs every year.    I actually really liked this novel.   Dawn has her quirks and sometimes I would want to give her advice feel.   She is also very needy for male attention.   I was a little uncomfortable with Lily initially  but loved her by the end of the novel.

The women who are described at the beginning of these chapters are very interesting!   The chapters begin with a picture of that woman and a little blurb about that year’s charm winner.   I felt the author did a great job of creating these unique women.   
I can’t wait to see if we might hear more from Dawn?

To win a copy of Ten Girls to Watch Please enter the rafflecopter below.  I will need an e-mail address.    This giveaway will run from today December 25, 2012 to January 8, 2012.   Please also visit Charity on her Facebook page, twitter, and website.



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  1. Thanks for the opportunity and hope I win :) :)

  2. What inspires me most in women is that most women are resilient.